Dynasty Collection - Custom made king crowns, queen crowns,tiaras,


King Crowns, Queen Crowns, Tiaras and Scepters designed and made by Dynasty Collection.

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Welcome to Dynasty Collection. Where the most beautiful king crowns, queen crowns, crowns, tiaras and sceptors are made!

Over 150 years of combined experience!

Dynasty Collection designs custom crowns for kings and queens, tiaras, sceptors.

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Mardi Gras king and queen crowns, tiaras and sceptors designed by Dynasty Collection.

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Mardi Gras Royalty is our specialty

Made in America 

Made in Mobile, AL

The Birthplace of Mardi Gras

Since 1703

King and queen crowns designed and built by Dynasty Collection, are very proudly made in America!

By Appointment Only

Tuesday - Saturday

 Closed Sunday and Monday





Celebrities that Dynasty Collection has custom made crowns for:

Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) Brittnay Brees (Wife of Drew Brees)
Val Kilmer (Batman Forever) Andy Garcia (The Godfather III)
Will Ferrell (Elf / Talladega Nights) G. W. Bailey (The Closer / MASH)
British Actor - Hugh Laurie (TV Series -  House) John C. Reilly (Gaurdians of the Galaxy)

Dynasty Collection - Custom made king and queen crowns, tiaras and scepters

Our crown has been featured in People Magazine.

At Dynasty Collection, we design and make King crowns, Queen crowns, scepters, tiaras, tiaras for brides, debutantes and returning Queens, jewelry and rhinestone name pins. Dynasty Collection uses the finest crystals and our gold and silver finish is of the highest quality.

You can order your king crown or queen crown to be adjustable or custom made to perfectly fit your head with the design continuing all the way around. Custom made crowns can be personalized with your initials, the year of your reign, etc. Dynasty Collection makes crowns for Mardi Gras krewes, festivals and clubs. Many of our crowns are displayed in Mardi Gras museums.

Visit our store located in Mobile, Alabama, where the most beautiful crowns are made!

Catalogs are available for crowns, scepters and tiaras.


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